West meets East

I’m preparing for the most amazing opportunity – both professionally and personally – and thought that this would be a good time to breathe new life into my blog.  (I’m also in the alumni spotlight for my program, where I link to my blog, so it might be a good idea to actually update it, eh?)

Back in April I applied for the Arizona Library Association’s Horner Fellowship, which is an exchange program with the Japan Library Association.  Every other year, a librarian from Arizona is chosen to go to Japan for several weeks to visit libraries and exchange information with our Japanese colleagues.  I was chosen as the Horner Fellow for this year (excited is an understatement!) and have the pleasure and honor of visiting Japanese libraries for two purposes; 1) to discover how they use technologies in providing services and instruction to their users and 2) find out if their users struggle with information literacy and, if so, how they deal with this issue.

Although I was chosen as the Fellow several months ago, I finally leave this Friday and the reality of my trip is hitting me.  I know that my time in Japan is going to fly by, so I’m going to try my best to blog about it here – in part so colleagues and friends can virtually be there with me, but partly so I can go back and remember the details that may fade with time.

For those who are interested, I’ll be visiting the following libraries:

National Diet Library (both in Tokyo and Kyoto)
Chiyoda City Public Library
International Library of Children Literature
Tokyo University Library
Waseda University Library
Nagasaki Prefectural Library
Nagasaki University Library
Kyoto Seika University Library
Doshisha University Library
Chuo University High School Library
Meiji University High School Library
Meiju University Library

Just a few libraries.  {grin}  I’ll also be spending a day at the Library Fair & Forum.

Wish me luck and I’ll update as soon as I can once I’m there!

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  1. Jeff M Says:

    These are all excellent libraries in Japan. The National Diet Library is the equivalent of our Library of Congress. We’ll all be looking forward to your posts!

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