Service from the user’s point of view

Although this has nothing to do with my post topic, I just have to announce that yesterday was my last day at the law library, because I’m starting a new position as a librarian for a college library.  I’m excited at the opportunities I’ll finally have to teach students how to find and use information.  This is the chance I’ve been waiting for!

In any case, I started out my last day at the law library helping a Spanish-speaking patron that had been enrolled in a child support workshop through the Department of Economic Security.  The notice she had been mailed simply stated that she needed to come to the East Court Building.  It didn’t tell her which floor or provide a room number.  I’ve been taking conversational Spanish lessons, so between my broken Spanish and her broken English we were able to communicate with one another.  Unfortunately, I had less luck when it came to communicating with other court departments.  Every one I tried calling ended up with a recording or voicemail.  When I called DES, their recording starts out by saying that their menu system had been improved to provide easier access to a person, but I never did reach anyone. 

I finally gave up and walked with the woman to one of the departments, hoping that I could get an answer face-to-face.  No one knew anything and one woman sent us to the 11th floor of the building next door, because there was an office there for the Attorney General.  Once we got there, we discovered that there wasn’t an office.  I’m still wondering if she sent us there to get rid of us, or because she herself had been misinformed at one time.  I spent an hour with this woman trying to find a workshop that had started a half an hour earlier.  By this point, the woman found another Spanish speaker and she felt comfortable being left on her own. 

This whole experience taught me a valuable lesson.  Whenever you’re providing services to patrons, always look at the experience from the user’s point of view.  I can imagine the person at DES typing up the workshop notice, who knows that the workshop is always held in the same conference room… on the same floor… of the East Court Building.

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